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2016... Elbows down, moving forward... We continue to grow!

We have arranged, and are working on, a series of worskhops throughout the year with esteemed peers in the WSLVT community from around the world.

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"Renowned author, film-maker & Bruce Lee historian, John Little, has decided to create the definitive documentary tribute to the late, great, Ving Tsun legend, Sifu Wong Shun Leung.

As this is an independent production that is NOT supported by a major movie studio like his previous works (such as 'Bruce Lee: In His Own Words' or 'Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey'), John is appealing for donations from devotees of 'WSLVT' and the wider Ving Tsun Community in order to raise the budget for this film. Therefore, we are asking you, via this page, to show your support for this long-overdue tribute to one of the greatest Martial Artists of the 20th Century, and the man who more than perhaps any other of Ving Tsun patriarch Ip Man's students, helped to put Ving Tsun on the world's Martial Arts map thru his now legendary 'beimo' matches in Hong Kong.

As the late Sifu Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee's first ever student in the USA, said on many occasions, "Wong Shun Leung deserves to be remembered as much more than a footnote in the story of Bruce Lee. If it wasn't for the likes of Ip Man AND Wong Shun Leung, there would not have been Bruce Lee and his legacy of JKD." So, please indicate your willingness to assist in this appeal and to donate something financially towards this worthy project. An announcement concerning where your donations can be made will be posted here very soon. In the meantime, help us to spread the word, run activities to raise both awareness AND funds, and let's get this documentary film made! All major donations will be credited in the final production and every effort will be made to thank everyone who makes a contribution. Thank you in advance for your help & your donation :-)"

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