"There are no secrets in Ving Tsun.  Only questions that haven't been asked yet." - Wong Shun Leung

This quote resonates the consistent fact that Ving Tsun can work for anyone.  It is not an 'exclusive' club that caters to one type of practitioner but that it is a system that is supported and reinforced by universal laws of Geometry, Physics, Kinetics, Psychology, and Physiology.

Structure, Angle, Distance, Timing, and Energy are key fundamental building blocks to WSLVT.  The sum total of these fundamentals builds Balance and Control and ultimately developing Power.  Not Power as most would perceive it to be as brute force; but, as Power to employ high efficiency Actions and Mechanics that produce a high level of Skill.  Supported 

Structure gives the practitioner the blueprint needed to have stable positions supported by the whole body not just one part or component.  The ability to employ the body as One Whole Unit that is a balanced support and delivery system.

In Ving Tsun, force does not fight against force.  We employ and create Angles through footwork to apply actions that create lines of direct attack, optimal opportunity, through the path of least resistance.

Distance management and control will provide and support the angles taken with the right structures employed.  Learning to control one's personal space and radius as well as learning to engage and control your opponent's space and actions.

Timing is crucial in employing in making your actions work.  Not linear or rhythmic timing like the sequence of seconds on a clock or stopwatch; but, Relative Timing.  Using the right structure, with the right angle, in the right distance, at the right time.  Not speed but Efficiency.  Devloping reflex actions that will pursue the best opportunity as it works best for the practitioner.

Energy is the last component to explore, understand, and employ.  Learning to economize one's actions so that the practitioner does not find themself having to wrestle or muscle through a situation.  But also being able to strike the target with great force with the support of the right Timing, at the right Distance, through the right Angles, with the right Structures.

Developing these five essential components will result in Balance and Control.  Through balance and control, the practitioner develops Power.  The ability to apply, recover, and counter attack the opponent with great results.  Simply, Directly, and Efficiently.


"Become the master of the art, not its slave."

Ving Tsun is a system designed to work for YOU.  Regardless of age, body type, athleticism, or gender.  It is Practical and Efficient.

Belts, sashes, and uniforms do not give the individual the real tools they need for the real world.  Concrete Skills for the concrete jungle.  

S3VT makes the system work for you in an environment without attitude.  In a community of like minded individuals working together to improve each other for personal growth, health, efficient combat skills, or high skill fighting actions.  In an intimate training environment where the instruction is hands on and interactive.  Where all questions are welcome and encouraged.  Knowledge is power and we will put that power in your hands to make it work for you.

From Forms, to Drills, to Footwork Training, to Chi Sau, to Gor Sau, to Bag Training, to Pads Training, to Sparring, to Wooden Dummy Training, to Weapons Training... S3VT pulls no punches and holds nothing back in offering a standard of practice that develops real skills for the real world.